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Friday, April 8, 2011

Just a few Stonestead Stitchers this time

Wonder if it was the cold weather which kept some away this time?  Or maybe the ladies had things to do and just couldn’t make it to our fortnightly get-together.  Never mind, our small group of six had plenty to chat about upstairs at Stonestead on Thursday. As we settled down to our hand work the delicious smells of Kevin’s scones came wafting up the stairs.   Cheryl was finishing off her lovely Mariner's Compass, a large cushion for her daughter’s birthday gift and is made to go on the bed.  This was done with foundation piecing using freezer paper, and Cheryl is now considering doing a New York Beauty class using the same technique.
DSCF5870 Mariner’s Compass cushion cover
The cold weather has certainly brought out the knitting needles.  Dorothy is working on a pretty “Feathers” scarf in paua colours for her daughter-in-law Katy who lives in America.  The scarf seemed to be a little wide, so Dorothy quickly unravelled her knitting, cast on slightly less stitches, and started over again.  At this rate it will be finished in no time at all.
DSCF5871 Dorothy knitting a scarf.
Carol was knitting too, and had just  started on her striped tea cosy, in three shades of green.  The lime green really gives it a “zing”, and by the look of how much she has done, Carol is well on the way.
DSCF5874 Carol working on her tea cosy.
I took my knitting along too, and finished my black and white feathers scarf during the afternoon.  Once back home I sewed the ends in.  The knitting has certainly grown quickly as I had worked on it during our time away in the caravan last weekend.  I am really pleased to get this finished so quickly, as it is for a birthday gift and not required till early June.  So haven’t I done well.
DSCF5876 My “secret squirrel” birthday present scarf

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Maria said...

Nice to spend time with friends Jenny.
Love the cushion cover and the ladies look happy knitting away at their projects.