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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snip, snip, snip

That’s what I was doing over the Easter break.  We were away at a caravan rally at Poroutawhao School, Levin, and I took my black and white shaggy quilt away with me, and my pair of sharp scissors,  to snip away at all the seams.  I couldn’t do too much snipping at a time, as it was a bit hard on the hands, so spread the job out over the weekend.
DSCF5989 Snipping away at the seams
It is only a lap quilt, but it still took quite some time.  Finally I was on the last row, thank goodness.  The next step will be to wash the quilt, and dry it, to fluff up all those snipped seams. 
DSCF6031 All finally snipped
There was a Decorated Hat Competition in the weekend.  I decided to make use of my lilac sun hat and spent a little time adding decorations.  A length of lemon lace was tied around the hat, then I stitched tiny little yellow Easter chicks, purchased from the  $2 on top of the hat.  It was then finished off with a bunch of Easter Eggs (on wire) tucked jauntily through the lace, and I used another wired egg as a brooch.
DSCF6027 My Easter Bonnet
If you would like to see what other high-jinks we got up to over Easter, do check out our other blog on http://www.romanyrambler.blogspot.com/

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virtualquilter said...


Take care with the washing ... I blocked up the washing machine big time washing my first 'raggy' quilt ... I now wash by hand, with a bit of a rub along the seams, then spin and put it in the clothes dryer ... it is much easier to clean the lint from the clothes dryer than from deep in the pump, or so Butch tells me!

Judy B