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Monday, April 18, 2011

April Stitching Monday

Here we are in April already and this is the first Stitching Monday I had been able to get to this year.  Holidays away in the caravan had clashed with the earlier dates, and it was so nice to finally attend.    There was a really good crowd of about a dozen ladies all happily chatting, and stitching, walking around the hall to see what the others were doing, and even more chatting.  Many had their sewing machines busily whirring away, while the others were doing handwork.  Sylvia brought along two lovely little quilts she is making for the Neo Natal Unit.  Here she is hiding behind one of them, adorned with lots of lovely appliquéd animals
DSCF5971 Sylvia’s Neo Natal quilt
Each of Pamela’s children requested a black and white quilt so this is the third version of the popular pattern, Disappearing Nine Patch that she has made, this one as purple as an accent.  Several blocks were laid out on the floor all stitched, but not yet slashed and rearranged.  There are lots of interesting black and white fabrics in this quilt.
DSCF5973 Black and white quilt blocks
We all know that Heather has a real love of hexagon quilts and she was working on another, very pretty one.  She likes to have some hand work to take along to stitching groups, and finds that hexagons are so portable.  Wonder who this one is for?
DSCF5972 Heather and her Grand-Mothers Flower Garden
Joyce’s Mariner Compass blocks were amazing, especially when she told us that she didn’t take a class, but just followed the  magazine instructions.  The blocks are paper pieced, and Joyce spent some time during the day setting the circles inside the blue fabric.  Those colours look so good together, don’t they.
DSCF5974 Joyce’s mariner Compass blocks
Freedom Log Cabin was the name of the blocks that Margaret was stitching.  This design is from one of the  books in Pinestream Quilters library, called “Log Cabin Quilts with Attitude”.  Margaret is using all her little stitched bits and pieces in the middle, then adding the logs from other scraps. 
DSCF5975 Margaret trimming her log cabin blocks
How about this for a bright and happy child’s quilt?  Called “Kid’s Stuff”, a  mystery quilt by Susan Claire, and Christine is doing it with hand  buttonhole stitch.
DSCF5977 Such cute blocks
Karen was hand quilting her feed sack quilt.  She collected many vintage feed sacks while visiting USA.  It is a bit hard to see, but Karen is quilting around the partly faded words written on the feed sack.
DSCF5976 Karen’s feed sack quilt
I spent the morning stitching blocks for a memory quilt for a friend, then after lunch packed the sewing machine away.  Out came the hand work and I stitched away on one of the blocks from “”Under the Sea”, showing Mother and Baby whale.
DSCF5978 My whale block
It was a lovely day and so nice to catch up with everyone again.  The weather was not the best outside, but we didn’t mind, as it was nice and warm inside the hall.  A young man working on the grounds called in and asked what we were all doing.  “We are doing quilting”, was the answer.  “That’s so cool”, he replied.  Don’t know if he really understands about quilting, but what a nice young man!

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Julie said...

A perfect day for stitching that's for sure! I am very envious of your 'whole day' together, ours is a couple of hours twice a month at night. Then again, better than nothing!LOL