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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Royal Wedding is coming

What will you be doing on the royal wedding day?  That is what several blogs are asking, as the excitement mounts.  I know what I will be doing.  Down Under here in New Zealand we are 12 hours or so ahead of UK, so we get to see the televised broadcast on Friday evening.  As it happens, I will be having two English ladies, both quilters, arriving on Friday afternoon to stay a couple of days before they head north to Auckland.  “Why don’t we have a royal wedding party while we watch the telly?”, I suggested to DH.  “The ladies will like that”.  He didn’t think too much of that idea.  “But what about the rugby?”, he asked, plaintively.  “Rugby will be banned on Friday night”, he was told firmly.  So far I’ve purchased a bottle or two of bubbly to toast the young couple, and I am now planning the supper.  I just hope my guests arrive, as I haven’t heard a peep from them while they have been travelling around the South Island – they are meant to be travelling tomorrow on the Interisland Ferry.  Otherwise I’ll be drinking a whole bottle of bubbles all by myself!  Watch this space.


fabriquefantastique said...

here in Canada we are 5 hours ahead so TV coverage starts at 3am....I will not be getting up at that hour but will watch a re run (and there are sure to be several) later

Julie said...

It looks as if your visitors did arrive.....what a wonderful time you all seemed to be having.