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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blushes at the Book Club

I just love a good book, and call in regularly to our local library.  Going along to the monthly Book Club is a real bonus that I enjoy now I have stopped work.  Themes are set each month to take us out of our comfort reading zones.  This month the theme was “Books that make you Blush”.  Now that was certainly different from my more usual James Patterson type novels.  What to choose, that was the question.  The librarian had given me a list of authors to check out and I finally made my selection from the shelves, choosing “Her Secret Fantasy”.  This told the story of an beautiful young lady of impeccable breeding.  Her family had fallen on hard times due to the early death of her father who met an untimely death seeking riches in India.  The young lady’s god-mother helps her in her quest to find a wealthy but slow witted husband during the London Season to restore the family fortunes.  My book had a happy ending when the heroine finally found true love with a dashing major, although there were only a couple of passages in the whole book where I felt a blush coming on.  Not so the other ladies who attended, there were some rather saucy books discovered on the library shelves.  “That was absolute salacious twaddle”, one of the ladies commented, “and my digestive juices wouldn’t let me finish it”.  The theme for next month is “Modern Classics, post 2nd World War”.  Wonder what that means?  I may have to ask a librarian.
DSCF5869 Just bought today
Although most of my reading is done with library books, now and again we purchase very special books which we intend to keep.  We have all the Jean Auel books in the bookcase so were delighted to see that she has a new book out.  Today I bought “The Land of Painted Caves”, a real bargain at The Warehouse.  I can hardly wait to start it, and  I’ll let you know what I think of it.


Jan Quigley said...

Sounds like a fun book group. My first thoughts for modern classics were Ruth Park's Harp in the South & Poor Man's Orange. Set in post war Surry Hills, both books follow the lives of the Darcy family. The characters are so real I just love them. I'll be interested to see what you choose.

Linda said...

So what's the title of the "salacious twaddle" book!? Do tell.

Jenny said...

The name of the book containing "salacious twaddle" shall never pass my lips!

Ginger_Curls said...

Hmmm, I think you need to reveal the books that caused real blushes as well! Definitely make for an interesting book club meeting.