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Monday, October 11, 2010

Wellington Quilters Guild Part 2

Standing just outside the hall at St Patricks College is a white statue of St Patrick – whom the college was named after, offering his blessing to all who enter.

DSCF4348 Statue of St Patrick

Let’s have a look back inside to see what other lovely quilts took my eye. With over 140 quilts on display it was difficult to just pick a few to photograph. I also had to consider which quilt would get my Viewers Choice vote. Here is a view from the stage of part of the hall.

DSCF4345 Overview from the stage

I love Christmas, and Christmas quilts in particular. “Home Made Christmas”, by Julie Keenan was certainly nice and Christmassy. It was created from a combination of attending a class at Nancy’s Embroidery, with using extra commercial Christmas Trees patterns.

DSCF4340 “Home Made Christmas”, by Julie Keenan

Wellingtonian’s have a saying in this city, “You can’t beat Wellington on a good day”. Even though we often get blasted by cold winds that feel they are blowing straight from the Arctic ice fields, we also experience beautiful warm sunny days. This little quilt “Welly Town”, by Sue Day, shows Wellington houses all built higgledy piggledy on the Wellington hills. It must be a good day, as there are blue sunny skies in the background.

DSCF4339“Welly Town”, by Sue Day

Green is not a colour I have used much in my quilts so far, but I just loved Jocelyn Thornton’s large bed quilt “Summer Leaves”. It collected two awards, Excellence in Colour, and Life Member’s Award. I found myself coming back to look at this quilt several times, and all those leaves are hand appliquéd.

DSCF4344 “Summer Leaves”, by Jocelyn Thornton

My Viewers Choice was “Aotearoa Amish”, by Fyvie Murray, which also won the “Anything but Cotton”award. Made from wool, and perfectly hand quilted, those beautiful dark colours just glowed with life. Fyvie used Maori designs as inspiration for her quilting.

DSCF4343 . “Aotearoa Amish”, by Fyvie Murray

I really enjoyed my time here looking at all the beautiful quilts on display, and Wellington Quilters Guild are to be congratulated on their wonderful exhibition. I particularly loved the fact that so many large bed quilts were shown. Last but no least, my DH Robin waited patiently for me out in the car. He happily read the paper for 90 minutes while I was inside the hall getting my quilting fix.

DSCF4333 Study of a patient husband at a quilt show

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Leeann said...

What a patient husband! Mine just stays home or drops me off. Did you see the Husband Crèche that Highway 16 Quilters had at their show? I thought that was a good idea. here's the link if you want to see it, its at the end of the post.