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Friday, October 15, 2010

I couldn’t have chosen better myself

Today is a special day for me, a long awaited day, finally the day that I retire from the workforce. Like many of my age group, I started work at 15. Unheard of these days, isn’t it? With just a very short time indeed off while I produced two children, I was soon back at work. It was the only way for us to buy a house, so there was no choice really. Fifty years of work – doesn’t time fly! We had a celebration morning tea which everyone contributed to with delicious home baking.


The Team Leader said a few nice words about me, and I was presented with a signed card and…………a voucher to spend at my local quilt shop, Thimbles and Threads. I couldn’t have chosen a better gift!

DSCF4422 Great gift for a quilter

My friend Gloria gave me a lovely bunch of pink roses, that was so nice of her. Then I received more flowers – this time from Kim the Agency Consultant. I am one of many temps in the workplace and Kim liaises with the Team Leaders and looks after us all. Two beautiful bunches of flowers to take home, plus my voucher – lucky me! I had earlier decided that a 5 hour day was quite enough on my last day at work, so at lunchtime I packed up the last of my belongings, gathered up my beautiful flowers, said my goodbyes, returned my swipe cards to the office, and out the door for the last time. Just think of all the extra stitching time I will have now. Here’s hoping I can make a dent in that pile of UFOs. And we will have time to enjoy extra long trips away in the caravan too.

DSCF4420 Gloria, Jenny and Joy, and my beautiful flowers


Jan Quigley said...

Congratulations Jenny!!!! Think of all those wonderful sewing years ahead of you.

Gail said...

Many, many wishes for a long, happy and healthy retirement! Does that caravan of yours fit in an airplane seat so you can bring it over to Canada?? No, I thought not, but it is a nice idea don't you think?!

Gail...who is just a little green with envy...okay a very deep shade of green!!

Leeann said...

Cograts, I hope your enjoy your retirement. But I wonder if you miss everyone at work and maybe go back every now and then? It looked like they are nice people, and very thoughtful to get that voucher for you. Enjoy spending it. :-)