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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quick – the visitors are due

Visitors are coming today, about mid afternoon. DH Robin is having a “Farewell BBQ Get-together” with his fellow truck drivers and they will be here shortly. Perhaps a bit of a tidy-up is due, I thought. My sewing cabinet lives in the dining room and when it is opened up, (as is the norm) it takes up more that its fair share of the room. With it all closed up neatly, it certainly makes a big difference. Then there was that big pile of patchwork magazines just sitting on the floor nice and handy to the arm chair – they will have to be put away too. I found time to flick through some over a cup of coffee and read an article about toy sewing machines. I remember my sister Kathleen and I getting one each from Santa one year when we were about 8 and 9. What fun we had with them, turning the little handle as we practised sewing dollies clothes. The machine did not have a bobbin as I recall, and sewed chain stitch. Looking back now, how I wished they had been kept safely for the both of us when we lost interest in the toys and went on to using the real sewing machine. Wouldn't it be wonderful to come across such a treasure years later when we would truly appreciate them. Never mind, that’s life, I guess.


Anonymous said...

I hed a toy sewing machine too ..... thought it was long gone until after my Mum died ..... and she had it in the cupboard! Very precious!

Judy B

Frances Leate said...

I remember having a toy sewing machine but I am not sure what happened to it - if only we knew what our interests would be later in life!