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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Different Perspective

I invited my non-quilting friend Kathryn to Expressions Gallery today to look at my club’s Pinestream Quilters exhibition. Kathryn had previously mentioned that she would be interested in learning to quilt “someday” so I thought it would be a good idea to show her all the varying styles that one can do. We slowly walked around the gallery and Kathryn was very interested in the different colours, styles, and types of quilts on display. There are three of us quilters in the club from my workplace, (Kathryn is also a workmate) so of course she was particularly interested to see our quilts hanging up. “Tell me which ones you really like”, I asked her. It would be interesting, I thought, to get a different perspective from a non-quilter. The first two she chose were prize-winners. Kathryn was intrigued by the circles and points of Jenny Hall’s Best in Show quilt, made for her son. And she could have quite happily taken home Jan Cotton’s Rambling Rose quilt with the intricate appliqué border to put on her bed.


DSCF4202These quilts received Best in Show and Merit Hand Quilting

Another of her choices was “A Good Knight’s Sleep”, by Caroline Steven. Knights on horseback are featured in the centres of the blocks, and the central motif shows a castle. Caroline made this quilt for her son when he graduated from Victoria University. He has had a long standing fascination with knights are armoury for many years.

DSCF4288 “A Good Knight’s Sleep”, by Caroline Steven

Last but not least Kathryn chose “Absolutely Golden Wedding”, by Linda Johnson. This foundation pieced quilt with long slender points and appliquéd circles was a gift to Linda’s parents to celebrate their Golden Wedding. Many of the fabrics used have golden thread running through them and the quilt just sparkles under the lights.

DSCF4290 “Absolutely Golden Wedding” by Linda Johnson

Colour and design is very personal and people like what they like. I hope seeing this exhibition has given Kathryn a taste for quilts and when she is ready I will be only too happy to help her take those first few steps. “Start off small”, I told her, “you don’t need to make a bed quilt as your first project”. Expressions Gallery has a cafe in the building, so that’s where we went for lunch. We relaxed on the comfy couches, sipping our lattes, and eating our lunch, with plenty to talk about, as usual. What an enjoyable way to spend the morning.

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Frances Leate said...

These are some amazing quilts from very talented quilters. What a great group to belong to. Take care.