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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Painted Cows and a small purchase

Just what I hoped for – an early morning view of Mt Ruapehu without any cloud cover, as we drove along the Desert Road.  Such a fabulous sight, and one I never tire of.

Mt Ruapehu

We were traveling on to Hamilton to get the annual service done on our caravan.  We were out for the day, taking the car, and Gemma, returning back later in the afternoon for the van when the service is completed.  Getting ready rather reminded me of those long ago days when young Mums had to pack a nappy bag full for a day out with baby.  With Gemma in the car for a full day (without the luxury of our home away from home towed behind us), we had to pack food, water, a blanket, and a litter tray (just in case).  Gemma has settled down well with this traveling business, snoozes the whole trip and doesn’t get too upset.  It’s even better, she thinks, if she can sleep on my lap.  Her harness and lead are attached to the back seat car belt so she is quite secure but has just enough lead to move from the back seat to the front, and to keep her from being flung against the front window.

Making herself comfy

Although the weather was wet and miserable we had already decided to take a drive out to Morrinsville, a prosperous farming town with dairy farms,  large sale yards, farm machinery outlets, agricultural services and engineering firms. 

Dairy herd in Morrinsville

So it is no surprise that Morrinsville has a collection of more than 40 life-size cow sculptures throughout the town.  Here are some from the CBD.



The sculptures have been sponsored by businesses and individuals, and really make a statement through the town. The local travel agency decided that their cow statue wouldn’t be one of the herd, and went with a different design.  This cow is all set to go on holiday with her hat, handbag and suitcase.

What every well dressed cow on holiday wears

Morrinsville also boasts a fabric shop, Wright’s Fabrics, which specializes in batiks for patch workers.  So I couldn’t possibly pass that by, could I?  The owner Milton has a tee shirt pinned to the wall emblazoned with the message “I’m Milton, your husband won’t like me, I sell fabric”.  How true, in fact Milton is very well known as he  travels around the country going to quilt and craft exhibitions with his wonderful range of very reasonably priced batiks.  He way currently away at another show, so the batik range was a little down.  But I still managed to make a small purchase.


These three came away with me

We collected the caravan in the late afternoon, and got on our way once more, passing wonderful scenery on the way.    Such as this interesting rock formations, and beautiful rolling countryside.  I know I’m biased, but New Zealand is a beautiful country.



You have to admire the guts and determination of the men who chipped away to dig tunnels through  solid rock, and on our trip today we drove through two of these.  The first was at Awakino, a single lane but both high and wide enough to accommodate our caravan, thank goodness.  No doubt trucks can squeeze through these tunnels too, driving very carefully.


The second tunnel was at the top of Mt Messenger, double laned this time, but we were pleased we didn’t meet a big truck coming the other way.


Next  stop is New Plymouth, where we plan to stay for several days.  It will be more restful,  to not have to pack up and drive each day.  Maybe I’ll get a bit of stitching done.


Julierose said...

Just lovely batiks you came away with..;00 we had a painted cow-a-thon in my old home town a year ago--they are amazing to look at...hugs, Julierose

Tired Teacher said...

Beautiful scenery! Some communities in Wyoming have similar painted animal sculptures around town: buffalo, bear, cowboy boot. It's fun to see how the artists paint them. You found some gorgeous batik fabrics.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it is neat seeing these little tunnel isn't it. We have seen some this trip where the very big trucks hauling cargo are going through and they are almost scrapping the tops and the sides!!

Connie said...

You're a girl after my own heart . . . I always have a project with me when we camp :)

Karen S said...

The cows looks wonderful. i love it when towns organise this sort of display. Enjoy your travels.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I love the way Gemma is so cozy with all the road trip travel. A lucky little cat to see such interesting things along the way.

Maria said...

Great shot of the mountain..
Looks like a great day out and Gemma seams very happy on your lap.
Lovely fabric store and nice pick up for you.
Love the cows , real and painted especially the travel cow.
The rock formations on the side of the hill look like houses. Interesting!!

Run 'n Stitch said...

Don't you just love traveling around in your caravan? The scenery is so lovely. It's fun to travel New Zealand with you.