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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Food, glorious food, and just a few stitched leaves

We continued to slowly travel southwards, towing our caravan behind us, with a few stops on the way.  They all seemed to be food related too!  First stop was at Eltham, which sports an interesting mural, showing the history of this small town. 


We like to call in at Fonterra’s Cheese Factory Shop, well worth a stop as you never know what you will find on special.  I was after some Parmesan cheese, some for me and some for my daughter, and also came away with a big bag of Blue Vein offcuts.  You can tell we are cheese lovers.

Further down we stopped at Mania – Bread Capital, as they promote themselves, to visit Yarrows Factory Shop.  This must be the right place.  A few goodies got carried to the van, nice fresh bread, and dare I admit it, a couple of cream filled chocolate éclairs for lunch.  According to the sign outside the door, we’re not in much danger of being kidnapped, so that is good to know!


Our last food related stop was to have lunch at  Viv’s Kitchen at Sanson, home of the famous Cream Horn.  “Dorri the Morrie” was parked outside, inviting customers into the café.


And this is what we enjoyed, giant cream horns.  Not the sort of thing which you can eat with any degree of finesse and delicacy, but so nice nevertheless.


From here we drove on to Shannon, where we will be spending the long three day weekend with our caravan club buddies.  Once we were parked up on site, it didn’t take too long for Gemma to get settled – stretched out on her back along the window ledge at the back of the settee.  Doesn't look very comfortable to me, and not at all ladylike, but she seems quite happy.


My stitching has been coming along rather slowly.  I’m up to filling in a few leaves on my pohutukawa block.  But as I tell myself, every little bit helps.



Tired Teacher said...

The mural is interesting and so well done. I had to enlarge it to check out more details. Whoa, how I'd love to taste the Cream Horns: they look delicious.

Maria said...

Oh my goodness those cream horns look delicious 😋......
LOL funny little Gemma, she sure looks settled in the van.
Lovely stitching.

AnnieO said...

Yummy treats and really fun signage and sights. Your leaves look pretty.

Karen S said...

Looks like you are in foodie heaven!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

those giant cream horns look so good!! you are having some mighty good treats. We are home tomorrow from our two months of wandering and will go back through your post to see what I missed we had such poor wifi this trip I know I missed a lot of my readers blog posts.

Raewyn said...

I've just had an interesting catch up read of your travels Jenny. We farmed at Kaponga, not far from Manaia, when we were first married so it was interesting to see your Taranaki photos. Our view from the bedroom was that beautiful mountain and we had snow on the farm once!! I am guessing the Rhododendrons were finished flowering when you visited Pukekura Park? We never got to see them as we were always calving when they were in bloom.