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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Another Road Trip

We are heading off on another road trip for about 10 days, so no “rolling the dice” for  week or so.  The caravan needed packing and one of the first things to go in was my stitching bag, a little knitting, and my library books.  Then the rest of the packing got done, clothes and food.  It’s difficult getting in and out the door with a crate full of items when Gemma is underfoot.  She may look placid, but she is not really, and always ready to escape to the great outdoors through an open door.  But there is one way to keep her confined while I made the numerous trips out to the caravan – lock her in her cage.  She spent the entire time trying to get out, but she wasn’t moving until I said so!

Trying hard to get that door open

Once everything was packed and we’d had an early lunch, we were on our way.  Gemma wears a little pink harness in the car, with a lead attached, hooked onto the back seat belt for safety.  There is enough spare lead to allow her to move from the back seat to the front,and she spent most of the journey curled up on my lap.

Driving up SH1 we were making such good time that we drove on to Waiouru Army Museum where we were spending our first night.  

Our site for the night

 The high altitude here (2600 ft) and close proximity to Mt Ruapehu keeps Waiouru’s climate cold throughout the year.  Just as well we have fluffy winter sheets on the bed, a nice cozy quilt, and a gas heater to keep us warm.  Campers are permitted to stay overnight  at the back of the museum for a donation, and we have the added bonus of regular security checks during the night.  After a busy day on the road, Robin and Gemma are both worn out and needed an afternoon nap!  (Don’t tell him I’ve taken his photo.)

It’s been a long day

And this is the view we have – Mt Ruapehu hiding under some cloud cover.  Hopefully I’ll get a clearer photo tomorrow.

Mt Ruapehu


Nancy J said...

A lovely place to be overnight, and I always love seeing the Central Plateau and the snow. Gemma, you are a Houdini trying your very best.

Julierose said...

What a spectacular view--sounds like a terrific getaway--and Naps are so good..ahhhh--amazing that Gemma will walk on leash(?) We had enough trouble with our Winnie (Eng Springer Spaniel) tugging us along...lol
E N J O Y hugs,Julierose

Tired Teacher said...

Oooh, I do love mountains, and yours are spectacular! Gemma is an inquisitive one, but so sweet.

Maria said...

A gorgeous overnight stop..
Robin and Gemma both look very comfy.....

Glenda said...

Enjoying traverlling with you, the photos bring back so many memories of when we lived in NZ and went skiing down there. Cheers Glenda

Janice said...

What a glorious view to wake up to. Robin and Gemma look very settled. There’s nothing nicer than being snug in the caravan. They are so cozy. The new rig looks great with the van, being all white. Very smart. Enjoy your trip.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

have fun on your trip - safe places to park overnight is always good!! great scenery

Karen S said...

Hope you have a wonderful time away.