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Friday, August 31, 2018

Doing a bit of Stitching

My aim this week is to get my Aussie bocks together.  Not quite there yet but it’s coming along.  We have a quiet weekend at home, so I’m looking forward to some more time at my sewing machine.  I needed to make some more of these, and get them assembled into sashing strips.


Then lay the blocks in rows and get stitching – I’ve got several rows done so far, draped over the back of the sofa.  There is all sorts of Australian themed fabric in this quilt top, lots of indigenous Aboriginal prints collected over the years together with some native trees and flowers.  I’m using two different prints for the small sashing squares, (because I ran out of choice number one) they both have small designs featuring wildlife.


Our new kitten Gemma likes to help me make the bed each day.  But really, she hinders more than helps, as she prances around, having a great time.

Helping me make the bed in the morning

Then after all these bursts of energy she takes herself off into the box on her cat tower for a little snooze for an hour or so.  Not for too long, there might be something going on that she really must investigate, then there are her little balls to play with, and windows to peer out of.  Life’s one long game when you are an energetic kitten.

Time for a snooze


Tired Teacher said...

If I remember correctly, some of the sashing has memories of your adventures. How many trips will be represented on this quilt?

Gemma is adorable and must bring you great joy.

Janice said...

It looks like you will get your Aussie quilt top finished as planned, if Gemma doesn’t “help” too much. It looks like she is wanting to play with the kitties on your quilt.

Nancy J said...

That shows off the fabrics so well. Here, Boris loves to get under the sheet or duvet, and Gemma has the same fun I see. When I put on new sheets, that is the best time to play!!

Maria said...

Your Aussie quilt is coming together nicely..
Gemma sure keeps you on your toes and is fun to watch.

Karen S said...

Lovely progress on your quilt. That is looking really good.