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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hello, Perth

Another adventure –we are now in Perth, Australia  – and the Indian Pacific train journey later in the week which has been on our bucket list for some time.  As it was a reasonably long seven and a half hour flight to Perth, we decided to treat ourselves and upgrade to Premium Economy.  A good decision we felt, a lot more legroom, comfy seats, beautifully presented meals chosen from the menu, hot towels, and great service.  If this is what they do in Premium Economy, goodness knows what Business Class passengers get. 


I must admit that I’m always happy to swap our caravan trips for a stay in a posh hotel.  It doesn’t happen very often, so I’m always more than ready to make the most of it.  So for  the next two weeks  there will be no more cooking meals, just sightseeing, and maybe just a tiny bit of shopping.  I made the bed in our room this morning before we went out for the day, but obviously I didn’t do a proper job, and came back to find the housemaids had remade it!  (I always feel guilty if I go out leaving the bed unmade).  


Our hotel in Perth

One of the best things to do when arriving in a new city, is to take a sightseeing bus tour, we think.  It’s a great way of getting an overview of the area, and these hop-on hop-off buses mean that you can get off to explore what takes your fancy.


We enjoyed the views from the top of the Perth Explorer bus, as we travelled around the city and to outer areas.

Explorer Bus
Enjoying our bus ride

Who would have known that a little piece of Tudor England was alive and well in the middle of Perth and tucked away between modern city buildings?  This was London Court.  Built in 1937 as a combination of residential and commercial premises for wealthy gold miner and financier Claude de Bernales, Perth’s London Court is designed using the architectural features present in Elizabethan times.  I love anything to do with this period in history and joined the other tourists and shoppers, all gazing at the shop fronts with awe and snapping photos.  Banners with the faces of notable people of the time were hung, the likes of Queen Elizabeth 1st, Mary Queen of Scots, William Shakespeare, and Henry 8th.  Certainly an amazing place to explore.


London Court

With this being a short trip away, just two weeks, I didn’t pack and hand stitching.  But I do have a new Jack Reacher book to keep me happy in my spare time.  And if you are wondering what has happened to our new kitten Gemma, she is back with her breeder getting bed and board.  We miss her happy little face and all her crazy antics, but this trip was planned before we knew we were getting a new kitty.  Hope she remembers us when we get back home.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

have fun - I agree it is always nice to a different adventure without the motorhome and have someone else do the cooking and bed making

Julierose said...

Looks like a wonderful getaway for you both...what a treat!!Enjoy hugs, Julierose

Maria said...

You had a lovely plane trip . Your hotel looks very comfy. Nice windy day on the bus , good views from up there.
I love London Court and remember waiting for the clock to chime and see the knights on horse back fight.
Have a wonderful time and I'm sure little Gemma is also enjoying being with her first Mum.

Tired Teacher said...

Your adventures take you to the most interesting places. I'd love to explore the shops in the London area.

I think you were wise to upgrade your plane seats for such a lengthy flight.

Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures.

Karen S said...

Great to see you trip has started well. Probably a little cool and blowy at the start but hopefully it will warm up for you. Perth is a gorgeous city. Have a great train journey!