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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Coming along for the Ride

My pretty little African Violet is coming along for a caravan holiday too.  This was a birthday gift, and I couldn’t really leave such a pretty plant home alone for two weeks, could I? Goodness know what condition it would be in after all that time.


While in Taupo I went to my first ever visit to Lincraft, the retail chain specializing in craft, fabric, yarn, haberdashery, window furnishings, manchester and fashion accessories. First established in Australia, there are now several of these large craft stores in New Zealand, but not in my hometown.  I was looking for some thread for my NZ bird stitchery and found exactly what I needed.

Lincraft store in Taupo

We then travelled on to Arapuni to stay on a lovely peaceful rural property overnight.  While there we went in search of the 80 year old Arapuni Power Station.  Still in operation, this is the oldest currently generating, and the largest single hydroelectric power station on the Waikato River.  We read  the story of the power station being camouflaged to prevent it being bombed by possible Japanese airstrikes during WW11.  Masses of foliage was placed on top, and the building was painted in camouflage colours.  Japan did not invade New Zealand so the powerhouse remained unscathed – but it certainly is an interesting story, and one we knew nothing about.

Arapuni Power Station

Did you notice that very high swing bridge in the photo above?  This was built in 1925 for construction workers to reach the power station site, so of course we wanted to cross it.  At 152m long and 54m above the river, the walk across certainly gave spectacular views of the river, the power station and the gorge. 

On the swing bridge

How do you feel about crossing a swing bridge?  I know some people are too terrified to put a foot on one.  I’m fine as long as no one is being silly and making it bounce about.
This is a lovely part of the country and one we usually just drive through, so it was great to find these hidden gems. 


Tired Teacher said...

Like you, I don't mind crossing swing bridges, if everyone on it behaves themselves. The power plant area is pretty and I love hearing the history behind it.

Nancy J said...

I admit I am totally terrified of any swing bridge, and if I had to cross one to save my life?? Would seriously have doubts. Arapuni, and all those others along the Waikato, are testimony to the many men who worked in the construction. Lincraft, that would be so tempting to linger a bit longer.

Maria said...

I agree you had to take the pretty African Violet with you and it's nice to have it in the van. makes it homelier..
Sadly we don't have a Lincraft anywhere near where I live.. Looks like the one you visited had a great range. Nice you were able to buy your thread.
Sure is a pretty interesting part of NZ you are visiting...
I don't mind walking on a swing bridge but like you don't want anyone rocking it...LOL

Janice said...

Like you, I'm not too worried about swing bridges unless they are really swinging. It is interesting about the history of the power station. I hope your African violet enjoys its holiday. It will look cheery in the van.

HEATHER B said...

Nice to see an update of your travels and very pleased you fitted in some retail therapy. Super warm down here now and we actually had to water the garden. xx

Karen S said...

Taking your African Violet with your makes a lot of sense. You can easily find a safe place for it too be when travelling. The dam wall looks stunning. I had no idea about hiding it during the war. That is fascinating.
I have no problem with the bridges as long as it is not a particularly windy day.

Laura said...

I crossed the Capilano suspension bridge in Vancouver this summer. It was great! My husband is afraid of heights and wouldn't walk on it. He missed out! https://www.capbridge.com/