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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Off we go Again

Patchwork projects have been put on the backburner once more as we are off again in our caravan for the next two weeks.  Starting with a visit to Hunterville, a small community on SH1, to spend time checking out the annual shemozzle.  This is a fun day that the whole community gets behind, and kids and adults  alike enter races, doing crazy things, and having fun. The town festival and market held on the first Saturday after Labour Day has a "Shepherds Shemozzle" – the premier race of the day with shepherds and their dogs  travelling from all over New Zealand to compete for the top prize.  We secured a good seat to watch the fun unfold.

Waiting for the fun to start

I purchased some Shemozzle merchandise too, a handy jute shopping bag and  tea towel, both featuring images of the iconic Huntaway dog.  These sheep dogs have great intelligence, agility and stamina needed for days of working on steep, rough country over large distances, driving very large mobs of sheep. Their bark is deep and repeating, usually with a short pause between barks, which allows the barking to be sustained for very long periods

Mementoes of the shemozzle

We are now slowly heading northwards to attend a Leisureline Owners Rally in Auckland next weekend.  Yes, I know, we are hardly ever home.  We had booked into Awastone Riverside Haven for the first night of this trip with our travelling companions, a great little camp beside the Rangitikei River.

Awastone Camp, beside the Rangitikei River

And yes, I’ve packed my stitching bag, although I haven’t actually done any stitching so far on this trip.  But I’m sure to get stitching shortly – I hope!


Tired Teacher said...

It's great fun going along on your adventures!

Nancy J said...

I hadn't heard of Awastone, a great place to camp, and I see they have cabins, a lodge and a lot more to offer. Enjoy the trip to the big smoke!!

crazyquilter said...

Enjoy your travels. Love hearing what you get up to when you are out and about. Good to know that the stitching does not cease during these times.

Karen S said...

This looks like a fun trip. It looks like a great time at the Shemozzle festival!
Cheers, Karen

Maria said...

I think it's great Robin and you have sew many adventures to go on. Checked The Shemozzle Festival. Looks great.
Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Lincraft looks awesome and how wonderful to be on the road you two experienced travellers! So much to see in your beautiful homeland. All very interesting to me. Safe travels.