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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Birthday Wishes

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was lovely to be remembered by friends and family.  I wrote a message on our little blackboard (just because I could) which hangs in the dining room.

It’s that day again

It was so nice to receive pretty cards - and this pretty selection were all hand made.  It’s not just quilters who are good with their hands – there are some very talented people around doing all sorts of crafts.


The highlight of the day was a family lunch at the rather grandly named Orlando Country Club in Palmerston North.  There were three family birthdays to celebrate – my own, plus the two grand-daughters.  The three of us have birthdays within two weeks of each other.  And there was also another family birthday to celebrate, grand-daughter Emma reminded us.  Her foal Firedancer shares the same birthday as me and was two years old yesterday!
Café/restaurant at Orlando Country Club

Sadly, grand-daughter Megan was unwell and couldn’t join us, so that was a shame.  Gifts were exchanged, and it was nice to meet grand-daughter Emma’s boyfriend Shimon at last.  A very pleasant young man, he did very well with meeting the grand-parents for the first time.

Shimon and grand-daughter Emma

Daughter Nicky and SIL Robert

We took a while to check out  the menu and made our choices, then had to go to the counter to order.

Ready to order

There was plenty to chat about while we waited for the orders and soon plates of fish, burgers, and pasta were delivered to our table.  It was all delicious, and I was especially pleased with my choice of smoked salmon pasta, with tiny tomatoes and capers, so lovely and creamy, just yummy!  Have to admit that I’ve got a bit of a thing for salmon.

Fish and chips for him, and salmon pasta for her

GD Emma, Jenny, Robin, daughter Nicky, SIL Robert and Shimon

We all had a lovely time, and during lunch I received  a birthday phone call from son Michael, who lives in Christchurch.  So I was a very happy Mum indeed.


Nancy J said...

Many good wishes Jenny, so glad the weather stayed fine, and family joined in . A very good reason to celebrate in style, many times we drive.. have driven reads better... past there and wonder how the menu is? So good to know its as good as " Wonderful".

Michelle Ridgway said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday Jenny. Very nice celebrating with family xx

Kate said...

Such a splendid celebration!

Tired Teacher said...

Such fun celebrating special days with family. Your pasta dish looks delicious. (I have a thing for salmon, too 😉)

Enjoy he rest of your birthday month.

Maria said...

Very Happy Belated 🎈 Birthday 🎉...
what a lovely day celebrating with your family ...

Jenny said...

Thank you, all. I appreciate your kind wishes.

Raewyn said...

Belated Birthday wishes Jenny - it looks and sounds like a fabulous day - you cant beat good family time :-)