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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Rustic Reindeer

I’m a bit late with my “Roll of the Dice” this week with one thing and another, to see which UFO will be chosen for me to work on.  And it’s Number Six, a new project on my List of Six, which is Belvedere, the Rustic Reindeer.  To be honest, this is not technically a UFO as it has not yet been started.  But I’d gathered up the pattern and the fabrics, and listed it, to start “one day”.  And now that day has arrived.


I found the pattern on an old Homespun (Australian) magazine, No 18 Vol 4.4.  Although I looked everywhere for a date of the magazine, I just couldn’t find it, so I have no idea how old it is.  And there will be one change I’ll be making to my reindeer – he won’t be having any trees growing out of his side.  No way, I just couldn’t live with that – my reindeer’s coat will be clean and unsullied!

He will be made out of my bargain priced 30c piece of dark brown heavy duty fabric, it will be just the thing.  And so far I’ve traced off all the pieces – or thought I had.  Just as well I checked the pattern again, as I’d missed his gusset – that’s sure to be very important.

Getting ready to sew

So that’s my task for the reminder of the week – whether I get him finished I don’t know.  But my rustic reindeer will certainly get started.  And wouldn't it be great it I got him done in time for Christmas!


Nancy J said...

he is a beauty, and we all think" LOADS of time" then it flits by way too fast.

Lynniequilts said...

Oh he is so cute. And he doesn't have to fly in for this Christmas does he?

Karen S said...

I remember that reindeer. I think nearly everyone I know made that when the mag came out. It was a long, long time ago!!

Janice said...

I've wanted to make him for years but finally got rid of the magazine. He still looks great. He hasn't dated at all. It will be a great addition to you Christmas decorations.