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Monday, October 2, 2017

Finally – Roll the Dice Time

How long has it been since I rolled the dice on a Monday morning?  Much too long - what with going away and one thing or another.  What number will my dice bring up, I wonder?  There are some new projects on my list, together with a couple of others I’ve been working on for a while.  Guess I’m having sewing machine withdrawal symptoms as I’m quite keen to get sewing again.  And the number is……number four, my Soul Searching blocks.

I couldn’t quite remember where I was up to on this project and had mistakenly thought that I had completed stitching all the blocks.  Not so – I have done 10 blocks so far. 

Ten Soul Searching blocks completed

I decided to increase the number of blocks from nine to twelve, so have two more to do.  Which leaves dark purple and aqua to be assembled – all the strips had been sewn as leader and ender sewing some time ago.  And here they are, fluttering in the breeze outside on the patio.

Two more blocks to go

All the fabrics used have come from my stash, so it really is a no cost quilt.  Guess I’d better get sewing then and get these last couple of blocks done.


Nancy J said...

That is a wonderful head start, when the strips are already waiting. We have had almost gale winds for most of the day, and rain as well. Half a tree blew down!!!

Maria said...

Looking forward to when all your blocks are complete and sewn together.
Was only showing a friend the pattern the other day. Still need some more background fabrics...

Tired Teacher said...

This is going to be a colorful quilt. 😍 I love that you've made the blocks all from stash.

crazyquilter said...

So pleased your dice doesn't get the sulks and run away and hide when you leave it for a while.
Your # 4 project looks like fun and I am sure you will have made great progress before the week is through.
What's up next - more travels or another roll of the dice?

Jenny said...

My dice was certainly hiding from me on Monday and I almost had to send out a search party to find it. No more travels for a few weeks, so I hope to roll the dice again for the next week or so.

PaulaB quilts said...

Your project is going nicely. A great idea to do those pieces as leader and ender. The variety of colors will be nice and bright. Looking forward to a sweet finish.