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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pieced Backing and Parsley Butter

I can see that there won’t be much stitching done this side of Christmas.  But I did give the dice a rattle and roll today to see what number came up.  It’s number 4, my Soul Searching quilt, and decided to make a start on the pieced backing.  It may not get finished this week, as there is one appointment and/or outing after another this week, including the weekend.  But that’s the way it is, in the pre-Christmas rush.


I started by using the three remaining pastel coloured blocks I had made in pink, pale blue, and lavender.  Pin, pin, pin, and away I went.  This piece will need extra cream fabric added to each side, then I’ll have another think about how to proceed from here.


Beginning of the pieced backing

Parsley butter was next on the agenda.  With my parsley plant starting to seed, I picked as much as I could, chopped it up, and mixed it through softened butter.  Then rolled it into a log (more or less, I’m not a fussy cook) to set, then cut it into portions.  These are now wrapped up individually, placed in a plastic container and put in the freezer.  I can use the parsley butter on vegetables, or when I make a cheese sauce.

Parsley butter

As for our busy week, we had a day out with friends yesterday enjoyed a nice lunch together.  The Clareville Bakery had won an award for “The Best Regional Rural Café of the Year 2017”.  There is always plenty to talk about when we meet up with this group, and as expected, the food was great.

Lunch with friends on Tuesday

With a visit to the doctor on Monday, plus a visit to the surgeon on Wednesday, there was a bit of medical stuff going on this week.  I’m pleased to say that after an x-ray on my sore knee I was told there was no arthritis detected, so obviously it’s something minor and I’m hoping it will fix itself.  And the surgeon is pleased with how things are progressing after my breast cancer lumpectomy last year.  But, he said, remain vigilant, keep taking the pills, and I’ll need annual mammograms for the next few years.  No trouble, I can do that.

So what else?  Out to dinner with friends tonight, a luncheon tomorrow, a sewing day with the quilt club on Saturday, yippee, and out to visit the family on Sunday.  Whew – that's a busy week.


Lynniequilts said...

Oh my goodness you are having a busy week / weekend. Glad to hear that you got good medical reports too, always pays to be vigilant in all health matters. Good too to see you getting a little time for sewing.

I have to say I have been out to the supermarket only this week, the remainder of time spent at home working on getting the final touches of quilting done on the Street Directory Quilt. I am keen to get it finished now so I can move onto other projects.

Nancy J said...

Parsley butter, that is a great idea.Ours is going to seed as well, and I usually cut it very fine and freeflow freeze it. Busy days, I always wonder why so many things that have waited all year just HAVE to be done before Christmas.Good news from the surgeon and Dr.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

What a busy life you lead. I bet you go around saying you don't know how you found time to go to work. Great photo of you both, looking a picture of health.

Maria said...

Soul Searching looks great....
Pleased all went well at the doctors..
Nice outing for lunch and enjoy the rest of your fun filled week.

Janice said...

You have been busy. I’m glad you got positive reports from the medics. You may not get your quilt back finished, but there is less to do than at the start of the week. Your yummy food was a great way to end the day.

HEATHER B said...

Hi Jenny quite a long time since you rolled the dice, this quilt backing is looking so good. what a good way to use up the parsley, will defiantly try that as we use a lot of parsley, lovely to follow your travels. catch up soon. cheers. Heather B

Raewyn said...

What a fabulous backing you will have!! My parsley is starting to go to seed too - thanks for the idea to use it this way :-)

Tired Teacher said...

Ooh, the quilt backing is going to look fabulous.

The lamb burger sounds pretty tasty.