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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Donna’s Quilt Studio and visit to Rose Garden

It’s always fun to find a “new to me” quilt shop while on our travels.  Unknown to me, Donna’s Quilt Studio is just around the corner from our favorite Jukebox Diner where we had a Big Breakfast after dropping our caravan off for the day to get serviced.  We had the day to fill in, so once I found out there was a quilt shop so close, I wasted no time at all getting there. 

Donna’s Quilt Studio

Donna Ward was the Best in Show winner at symposium with her quilt 'Fly' and owns Donna's Quilt Studio in Hamilton with her daughter Ashleigh.

I asked permission and Donna was quite happy for me to take some photos of her shop, containing all sorts of lovely things.  There was plenty to look at and admire, and I especially loved the great range of batiks on display.



There was a happy group of ladies who had come for a Sit and Sew day in the roomy classroom, so I popped my head in there to take a photo.


After I had looked at this and that, checked out fabrics and patterns, I made a few small purchases and went on my way, a happy quilter indeed.  Many thanks to Donna and her daughter for being so welcoming to an “out-of-towner” and granting permission for a few photos.

Next on the to-do list was to have look through the Hamilton Rose Garden.  We entered past the very colourful children’s play area – it was very hot and Robin took a breather on top of a very large caterpillar indeed.

Robin seated on a very large green caterpillar

The rose gardens were very extensive and we noticed a bevy of gardeners busy raking up any petals which had fallen overnight.


Dr Sam McGredy was New Zealand's most successful rose breeder.  The McGredy family of Ireland were internationally renown rose breeders for a century before Sam McGredy IV moved his business to New Zealand.  A special bed of roses is planted with some of the most influential roses of his career.

Dr Sam McGredy’s roses

We then took a wander along one of the many paths and ended up down by the river – so pretty, and nice and cool out of the hot sun.

Down by the river

The large extensive Hamilton Gardens are very pretty indeed and I’m sure we haven’t seen it all yet.  Perhaps we will have another visit next time we are up this way.


Nancy J said...

Super purple quilt on the wall, lots of goodies to look at and pick up, and the Hamilton Rose Gardens, Hugh's uncle , Charlie Norman, was one of the people who planted the roses there.A beautiful place, and I imagine very popular for outdoor weddings.

Tired Teacher said...

Donna's shop looks well stocked and spacious. I love a shop with lots of quilts hanging for inspiration.

The rose garden looks nice as does the walk to the river.

Maria said...

Fabulous quilt shop and beautiful rose garden as well as a scenic river walk...

Karen S said...

I call that a perfect day - fabric and roses!!