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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

First time for number 6

It’s going to be a very short sewing week.  Why?   Monday was a Anzac Day, making it a public holiday and we were enjoying the weekend away in our caravan.  Then blow me down – we are heading off to pastures new again this coming Friday.  I’m just thankful I can squeeze a little sewing time in around the necessary household chores which always seem to hang about.

The dice roll was one day late, but never mind.  And I was excited that number 6 turned up for the very first time.  Number 6 is not technically a UFO, but rather a yet to be started project.  I had previously  gathered the fabric together with the pattern, with the view to making this “sometime”.  And the time to start has now arrived. 

I’m making a new duvet cover for our bed, based on the  “Mega Churn Dash” design from Kathy Doughty’s book “Adding Layers”.  Now this is where I have to admit that I’ve never actually made a duvet cover before.  Once I get the mega churn dash part of it completed, I guess I’ll be carefully studying our current duvets to see just how to put it all together.

Photo from “Adding Layers” book

I’m making mine in green and cream, using a pretty green fabric.  This was  purchased some time ago for a completely different project, but you know how it goes – I never got around to making it, whatever it was.  As  the fabric tones so well with our green bedroom curtains I’m pleased I had it tucked away, waiting to be used.  There are touches of lilac and gold there too.


But then I had a moment or two of procrastination.  What if I haven’t got enough of the green/lilac  fabric to make the whole thing?  And I want to add borders too.  So I bought a little more green fabric, not quite the same of course, but in similar green tones,  and decided to use this alternative fabric to make the two smaller churn dash blocks in the centre.


This is what I have to show for my afternoon cutting, pinning and stitching.  Although I’m not sure if I’ll get any more sewing done this week.  We have a busy day out and about with appointments tomorrow, then we are heading north on Friday, towing the caravan behind us.  But at least I’ve made a start, so I’m very pleased about that.


Nancy J said...

That looks so good, and a duvet cover, I made one from just fabric years ago, did a flange on the 3 sides, and a zip at the top. If I di another, would do the base like a pillow case I think. Enjoy the week ahead, or what is left of it.

Sheryl said...

Pretty colours Jenny

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

What does Mega churn dash mean? Is it larger than usual. This is one of my old time favourite blocks to piece and it gives a wonderful effect on a bed. I think you are inspired to make a new duvet cover. It can't be that hard...an envelope, but managing all the fabric could be cumbersome. Can't wait to see your process so here's hoping Number 6 gets rolled again soon!