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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lunch at Chateau Tongariro

I’m sure that somewhere in my ancestry I was born wealthy and privileged.  Why?  Because of how easily I feel at home at the Chateau Tongariro with the grand furnishings, chandeliers, pianist tinkling away in the corner, and staff to cater for every need.  Then I come back down to earth with a thump, and think, who am I kidding?  If I was around in earlier times, I probably would have been one of those serving wenches, or perhaps a washer woman, not one of the rich and famous.

But we are at the Chateau for lunch, and while there, I made sure I enjoyed the experience.  The Chateau Tongiriro was built in 1929 and added to over the years.  It is a wonderfully romantic looking building, hinting of grandeur and the famous guests of earlier years.

Chateau Tongariro

We were there to lunch with a group from the Levin Lions.  Robin’s brother Gary is President of the Levin Waiopehu Lions Club, and some of the members and spouses were planning a social weekend in National Park.  Gary thought we might be interested in joining them too. And why not – we were on our way to Hamilton so it worked out well.


In the lounge

The buffet lunch had plenty for all tastes, soup, salads, a hot carvery and desserts.  The dining room was full, there was our group of about 20, and two bus loads of Japanese tourists.  Lunch over, and fully sated we said our goodbyes.  While the others were driving back home, we are staying on at our camp site, and continuing our caravan trip to Hamilton tomorrow.

So that means that I will not be home to play my UFO game of rolling the dice on Monday.  But never fear, I have packed  both my knitting bag and my stitching bag to take away with me.  I’ve already done a little stitching, and now that the rain has set in, perhaps a few rows of knitting might be in order. 


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

I love, love the Chateau. I have been lucky enough to stay there twice.

Nancy J said...

The Chateau is indeed a grand old lady, one time, probably the very first time, we visited there, had a meal in the lower " Bistro", our older daughter was not quite 18th months old!!! Enjoy a few days away.

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Hoorah! It is lovely isn't it. I stayed there in the earl 90s and everything was just so. Glad you enjoyed it and do enjoy the rest of your trip, no doubt taking in the fabulous Hamilton Gardens!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

So funny Jenny. I always stay at Chateau Laurier for my birthday each year and I too love it and feel right at home. But I joke that I probably cleaned one in a former life. But it is so nice to treat yourself. Enjoy your trip and happy caravan stitching!