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Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day

It was  Mother’s Day here in New Zealand on Sunday – as this is how I spent mine.  We are away from home on a caravan holiday, currently staying in New Plymouth.

On Sunday morning, I was on laundry duties again.  Luckily there was a laundromat not too far away from where we were staying.  The machine was loaded up,  and finally, the bag full of clothes was washed, dried, and ready to take back to the caravan to fold and put away. Unlike living at home, no ironing gets done while we are away in the caravan.  Luckily I had my book with me to while away the time while everything was merrily spinning around.

Mother’s Day morning spent In yet another laundromat

Then in the afternoon we went to visit the wonderfully shaped Te Rewa Rewa Bridge.  This is a shared pedestrian and cycling bridge on the Coastal Walkway.  It has won numerous awards, including “Best Bridge in the World 2011”.  The weather was just perfect for a walk, nice and sunny, without any wind at all.

First glimpse of the bridge

Looking back, with Mt Egmont faintly framed through the clouds

Then in the evening, we ate out at Sun World Restaurant, a very popular Chinese buffet restaurant in the city.  Luckily we had thought to book a table, as the place was packed.  As it was Mother’s Day, there were lots of family groups all out enjoying themselves.

Mother’s Day Dinner at Sun World

My two children have differing views about Mother’s Day.  My daughter Nicky, currently in Lincoln, UK, sent a picture message through on Snap Chat, showing me, “This is your Mother’s Day present”.  I’ll get it when she returns home.    While son Michael thinks Mother’s Day is just a lot of material rubbish, and true to his views, I haven’t heard from him.  But never mind, I had a lovely day, and a great meal out in the evening.  Hope everyone else enjoyed their special day.


Sandra Walker said...

It's Mother's Day here in Canada too. Didn't do anything special, but did get a FaceTime from one daughter who is in Florida, 1000 miles south of us, for her birthday which is tomorrow, 28 years ago tonight I went into labour (and it was on Sunday; she was born on Monday!) and the other daughter, who lives in Alberta, 2000 miles away, sent me a really nice iMessage and we 'chatted' back and forth. Amazing when you think about technology. That is a really amazing and ingenious bridge, and I love how you captured the mountain in the distance.

Maria said...

Actually Jenny I don't mind doing the laundry on hols.. As you said just take along a book and sit and wait...
Looks like the rest of your Mothers Day was lovely...
WOW! that bridge is amazing. From the side it looked like a fish skeleton...
Enjoy the rest of your trip...

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I can't believe the ingenuity of that bridge. Amazing. And more lovely eating places. Enjoy!