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Friday, April 1, 2016

Sew Wot Tuesday (a few days ago)

Where did Tuesday go to?  I know it was there somewhere – and I met up with the Sew Wot ladies at Moira’s home.  It’s holiday time for some of the Sew  Wots.  Rae was back from her holiday in the Sounds – she had a lovely time, she said.  And Mary is almost ready to leave for a month travelling around the South Island.  She is packing some stitcheries to take away and has traced a set of Domestic Bliss blocks to work on – but couldn’t resist starting one before she goes away. 

One of a set of Domestic Bliss stitcheries

Mary is very talented and she guided Heather B when she wanted to make a couple of interesting flower blocks.   Heather then used the blocks, turning them into a square shaped Japanese bag.  (The name of this type of bag escapes me, but someone is sure to know the correct name).

Heather and Mary with the Japanese bag

Helen had been busy too and brought along two very striking black and white table runners.

Made by Helen

Two cosy little children’s quilts were brought out to be admired.  Carol enjoys making quilts for Ronald McDonald, and she was thrilled to receive these flannel dinosaur quilt kits as a donation from Fox's Cottage Quilt Shop.  Youngsters will love these warm cuddly quilts. 

Made by Carol

Heather B had more Show and Tell for us, and with a flourish brought out the rainbow skirt she had made at her daughter’s request.  Isn’t it wonderful, I could see this twirling around on the dance floor.

Heather and the rainbow skirt made for her daughter

Our hostess Moira had completed the top of her William Morris quilt – and it is magnificent.  She has made a wonderful job, and her hand applique is always perfect.

Moira’s William Morris top

Moira was having a clean out and produced a couple of new, unused, small quilts which were looking for a new home  - these were snapped up by the ladies who make charity quilts and will be gifted to good causes.  And I put my hand up for Moira’s candlewick blocks which she no longer wanted.  I have a pile of these hidden away somewhere, so I’m sure they will all work nicely together.  Thanks so much Moira.

Moira’s candlewick blocks came home with me

It was another great Sew Wot morning, plenty of Show and Tell, lots of chatter, and a lovely morning tea.  It’s always so nice to catch up with the ladies.


Nancy J said...

Looks like you had a great day together. Lovely skirt, and the William Morris, wow!!!

Anonymous said...

I always love seeing what your Sew Wot ladies are doing.

Janice said...

Sewing days are alway lovely. You have some very talented ladies in your group.