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Monday, March 14, 2016

What am I working on this week?

The dice rolled the number 5, so it’s welcome back to my black and grey 9 patch quilt for grand-daughter Emma.  She doesn’t know she is getting this quilt, so it will be a nice surprise when it is finally completed – however long it takes me.

I really need to take a trip to the quilt shop and purchase some extra black fabrics, so I’ll certainly be doing that in the next day or two.  So today I spent a little time on preparation, carefully washing the embroidered horse blocks which will be going in Emma’s quilt.  Once dry, they were carefully pressed – so that job is done.  I’ll trim them down to size when I’ve completed all the 9 patch blocks.   These little beauties came from King’s Treasures, and I’m thrilled with them.  The embroideries were very reasonably priced, and the service was great, they arrived very speedily.  Emma lives and breaths horses, so I know she will love this quilt.

One of the horse embroideries

The next little job was to cut some strips for sashing so I’ll be ready to go once I have enough blocks pieced and start laying them out.  To tell the truth, I wasn’t expecting number 5 on my list to turn up again so quickly – but that’s OK.  Whatever number I roll with the dice, that’s what gets my attention for my sewing time each week.

Strips cut for sashing


Nancy J said...

This is going to be a real beauty, and a surprise, the best of all .Love that horse block.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

You are a little quilting beaver these days. The dice roll seems to be really working for you. You are so proficient with the sashings which is my least favourite part of the quilting process. Well Done!