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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

MIL’s Throw-Over

Clearing out cupboards when Robin’s Mum passed away, after the siblings had taken whatever they wanted for their families, I was very fortunate to take my pick of what was left.  No one wanted the hand embroidered doilies or tablecloths, or the multitude of crochet and tatting.  Most of these items had been made by Robin’s grand-mother, so I’m very grateful to have them.  And I’ve got plans percolating on how to re-purpose them to show them all off to the best advantage.

Tucked away in the bottom of the linen cupboard was a grubby looking hand embroidered throw-over.  This had minimal hand embroidery with a basket of flowers in each corner, and was hemmed in black.  After an overnight soak, a gentle wash, and a cool iron, it came out sparkling white, fresh and clean once again.  

Hand embroidered throw-over

It’s so nice to have these beautiful family treasures, and I’m sure that if I hadn’t rescued them, they would have ended up being disposed of.  Robin and his brothers don’t remember their Mum doing hand embroidery, so we don’t know if she worked on any of the items I now have.  Although I do wonder who actually made this pretty little cloth, the important thing is that it now will be used and appreciated for it’s simple beauty.  


Kate said...

Jenny, good on you for rescuing these treasures.

Jenny said...

I was pleased to give them a good home!

Nancy J said...

I have some , one small tablecloth my Mum embroidered, so maybe about 78 years ago!!! treasures like these need to be kept, and handed on. Love the simplicity of that embroidery on the corner. One to keep, surely, you knew when to save.

Janice said...

What a sweet throw over. They are so practical that I'm sure it will now get lots of use. I really enjoy using the older linens, particularly tablecloths.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I just love that little basket design. I always love all the baskets I see. This little cloth is so sweet and has sentimental value as well.

NickiJ said...

What a little treasure. Love the dainty flower work. I too have some tablecloths from my Grandmother that I want to re-purpose. I just have to get some ideas formulated into my head!