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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Little Letters top finished

I’m really pleased with my sewing result this week, and can report that I have finished my Little Letters top.  Just the top – mind you, not the whole quilt.  There was a little more time available for stitching this week, although we were away on a 60s Up bus trip to Caccia Birch on Wednesday, read about it here, and out for a couple of afternoon teas.  Life is always busy, we find.

It was a big help that I had all the components already stitched in this particular UFO bag.  The blocks, the filler blocks, and the sashing strips – all ready and waiting for me.  So I laid it all out into rows, pinned the rows together, and got stitching.  Stitch, press, lay that row out, and do the same with the next row, and the next.

Ready for a good press all over

Then today, I cut, measured, and stitched the border fabric on – the same fabric I used in the colourful setting squares.  Originally purchased for another project, there is more than enough to use in both, and the nice bright design helped pull all the different fabrics together. 

The finished top

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a real fan of “leader and ender” sewing, and stitched the little top squares onto these sashing strips while working on another project.  And while I was stitching my alphabet rows together, I used the easy strip piecing as I start to assemble blocks for my Soul Searching quilt.  (More about that one later when it gets added to my UFO list).  It’s really bonus sewing, almost like getting something for nothing.

With the quilt top completed, the next step will be to pin it all together, top, batting and backing, ready for machine quilting, and it’s next turn when the dice stops on number four.   And tomorrow, I get to roll the dice again.  Wonder what number I’ll get to work on next week?


Nancy J said...

Lovely, and a fence tall and wide enough for a prefect photo shoot.Super borders and little squares.

Janice said...

Looking good. ,A very productive week.

Kate said...

A very novel quilt, Jenny, and I really like the border that you added.

Jenny said...

Thank you ladies. I'm really pleased that my bag of various bits got stitched into a completed top this week.
And I must say, I'm rather enjoyed rolling the dice each week to see which UFO I will work on. I'm sure it makes me want to spend a lot more time sitting at the sewing machine too.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Absolutely lovely, Jenny. I love the bright colours set off by the white.

NickiJ said...

That border is nice and bright and a interesting way to do them. Never heard of that way before, might have to give it a go.