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Monday, March 28, 2016

Craft Fair at the Rally

Its always fun to see what is on display at a craft fair.  And there was plenty of choices at the fair held over on Sunday at the Easter Rally.  I climbed up on stage to get an overview of the stalls and shoppers – what a cacophony filled the hall.

A hall full of bargain hunters

There was plenty to tempt the shopper, as I found out.  I purchased a big pot of Manuka honey, (Robin’s favourite), 2 jars of home made jam, and a couple of apricot pastries for lunch – well, we do have to keep our strength up, after all.  And a cute little wooden mixing spoon with an engraved horse’s head, one of the grand daughters will love that, no doubt.

For one of the horse lover’s in the family

There was a fabulous stand full of bags with machine embroidered panels which caught my attention, created by Louise of Bagendbabe.  The calico bags had all sorts of embroidered sayings, and were nicely lined with fabric that continued the theme.  Yes, I know I can make bags myself, but these were rather special.  So I came away with one with an embroidered caravan on the front and back.


Front and back of my new bag

We had a great time at the Easter Rally which was huge, with 700 or so caravans and motor homes in attendance.  There was entertainment on every evening, and plenty on offer to fill in the day time hours too.  Or you could just relax in the sunshine with friends, if you preferred.  Being the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA) AGM Rally, people came from all parts of the country, some from Australia, even a bloke all the way from Ohio!  The plus for us was that it was held in our home town, just a short 3km drive away. 

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