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Thursday, March 17, 2016

A little fabric buying

Just a little, mind you, to replenish my stocks of black fabrics so I could continue with the black and grey nine patch blocks.  So down to Krazy Cow quilt shop I trotted, with some blocks in my hand.  I wasn’t trying to match up the black patterned fabrics, but seeking to buy a few more different ones.  After peering at all the shelves, and checking out the fat quarter baskets, I’d made my choice.  And making choices can be difficult for me, as I’ve got a reputation of being a bit of a procrastinator!  You should see in in a cafe, trying to decide between this or that, it can be quite a long drawn out exercise sometimes.

The result of my shopping spree

The new fabrics were washed as soon as I returned home and hung out to dry.  Not everyone washes their quilting fabrics, I know, but I always like to.  Firstly, in case they bleed some of the dye, which doesn’t really seem to happen these days with good quality fabrics.  And secondly, to remove any dressing which is used in the manufacturing process.  Then I happily pressed all my freshly washed and dried fabrics, sliced them up and got stitching.

Once again, I had another good batch of nine patch blocks to show for my stitching time.  Perhaps I should have a count up now instead of just making more and more.  I’ll lay them out on the bed with the embroidered horse blocks to see just how many I have and how they all look together.

Another bunch of 9 patch blocks

This will be the end of my sewing time on Project number 5 this week, as we are taking a short journey away in the caravan for the next few days.  But I won’t be completely idle, my stitchery blocks and knitting will be coming away with me.  Plus a couple of books too, of course.


Kate said...

Your black and grey nine patches look terrific!
Like you I am a procrastinator when it comes to choosing fabric (and other things) - mine seems to have come with age. :)

Nancy J said...

Lovely choices, that fabric shop is one to linger in and not make any quick decisions. Hope the weather is better, we have rain, cold southerly winds and the fire is lit!!Probably an early record for March. Those blocks are great.

Janice said...

A productive day. I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt come together.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Your corners are all so perfect, Jenny. Time away in the caravan with your stitching projects along for the ride sounds like heaven to me!