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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The things you see on Sunday!

We enjoyed a day out and about on Sunday with friends, travelling down to our old stomping grounds, the Hutt Valley.  During our travels I spotted a couple of quirky textile items which I’m sharing with you all.  

1:  Giant Knitting.  On Sunday morning we viewed the “Shapeshifter Sculpture Exhibition” at the Civic Gardens, Lower Hutt, and came across some very pink giant knitting artfully arranged in the gardens.  This sculptural piece by Mia Hamilton was called  “Its a girl – birth to old age”.   It wasn’t just for fun, but had a story to tell as well.  The artist stated: “Baby pink knitting heralds the birth of a little girl.  On closer inspection it becomes obvious that the knitting needles are old, wooden, walking sticks.  Age is creeping up on me.  Friends I considered young are dying.  I am not done here yet, I have so many artworks to make, so many stitches to complete, so many threads of life to follow”.

Giant knitting,made with pink plastic

2:  A patchwork jacket for Elvis:  Actually, it was an Elvis look-alike puppet and he was at the Sunday Strum ukulele jam at Expressions Gallery at Upper Hutt, which we attended in the afternoon.  I was told that his jacket was especially stitched by a quilter who resides in Tawa, to fit over his white satin jump suit.  “I’m a quilter too”, I told Shane of the Ukulele Institute, .who kindly let me take a couple of photos.  Perhaps someone knows the name of this elusive quilter from Tawa?  We sang along to all the songs played by a group of ukulele enthusiasts,  including the Elvis classic, “In the Ghetto”.  Can you tell that I’m an Elvis fan?

Elvis puppet wearing his patchwork jacket over his white satin jump suit

The closest I’ll ever get to Elvis


Janice said...

There certainly are some clever, creative people about.

Nancy J said...

I do like the analogy of the knitting, a lot of wool in one piece, And Elvis, quite stunning .