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Monday, August 25, 2014

Ninja Knitting at Latimer Square

“Stop the car”  I cried as we drove around Latimer Square during our Christchurch trip.  There was something decidedly strange that I wanted to check out.  Standing on the corner were two colourful woolley sheep.  Not real sheep, but brightly knitted ones, it seemed.  The first one was made of of knitting and crotchet, lots of different colours and textures all stitched together.  That little sheep face was looking straight at me while I snapped the photo.

P8240009 Sheep number one with a coat of many colours

Colourful pom poms covered the other sheep, who also sported a fine set of horns.  This one must be a merino, I think.  Another cute little sheep face looking straight at the camera.

P8240008Sheep no 2 is covered in pom poms

It seems the sheep have only recently arrived in Latimer Square.  “The Press” newspaper reported that the animal sculptures, covered in a crochet and knitted patchwork and accompanied by a bundle of knitted flowers, were a random act of kindness from a group called the "Ninja Knitters".  The makers shied away from publicity, but the group said it aimed to put a smile on people's faces. The pom-poms adorning one sheep were knitted by many Cantabrians.  The sheep are an expression of guerrilla art known as yarn bombing, whereby crafts adorn public areas, or sculptures.

What a lovely gesture, it certainly made me smile.  Three cheers for the Ninja Knitters of Christchurch!


June said...

Indeed, they did put a smile on my face; well done to the knitters! Thanks for sharing the photos Jenny.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Love that yarn bombing.
That has been going n in Greerton, Tauranga too. I keep meaning to take photos when I am there.