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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Holiday in Christchurch

Occasionally we do go away on holiday without towing the caravan behind us.  This is one of those occasions, a six day visit down to Christchurch.  Much too short a time for the expense of taking the caravan across Cook Strait on the ferry, so we loaded up the little car, and booked accommodation in the city instead.  But…….. not taking the caravan means that Muffy could not come.  So it was off to the cattery for her the night before we left.

P8200002 Muffy is having a holiday in the cattery

The trip across Cook Strait was a little worrying, with strong winds blowing and heavy seas.   Our worries were made worse when an announcement came over the loudspeaker.  The seas would be rough, we were warned,  and be very careful if we walked around, better to remain seated.  And that sick bags were there for our use.  Oh dear – will we be in trouble?  It certainly seemed like it as big waves hit the front windows with force, and as the bow ploughed up and down through the open sea.  Robin is not a good sailor at the best of times, and decided that he would try and and sleep through the worst of the trip.  My way is to immerse myself in a good book, so I don’t have to worry about what is happening outside. 

P8210008 . We travelled down on the Arahura

We made it safely across the open seas, and enjoyed the trip more when the ship glided through the beautiful Marlborough Sounds.  It was still very windy out on deck, but that awful up and down motion through the waves had been left behind.

P8210023 Cruising through the Marlborough Sounds

On the trip down the Kaikoura Coast we decided to stop and walk up to the Ohau Stream Rookery.  Baby seal pups come up the stream to a pretty pool to play while their mums are out feeding at sea.  In the peak of the season there can be 100 or more little pups frolicking around.   By the time we arrived it was late afternoon and the stream and pool looked empty.

P8218414 No seal pups in sight

We presumed that the pups had travelled back down to the beach to await the return of their mums.  But then we spotted two babies playing in the stream.  As we stood quietly on the path, they were having fun in the water, swimming together and rolling over and over.  How lovely to see them in natural surroundings. 

P8210050  Seal pups at play in the stream

Our accommodation is close to the city centre - not 5 star by any means, but then we are not paying 5 star prices.  It is very comfortable, and cosy and warm, with everything we need, including a large TV at the foot of the bed.

P8210069 Our room

There is a well appointed kitchen, dining room, and balcony up the hall, and we have been using the dining table to set up the lap tops and do some blogging. 

P8230043 It’s blogging time

And best of all, for a laundry fanatic like me, there is a laundry too.  I know that on such a short trip we have enough clothes to last us, but there is no way I could ever pass by a laundry if it is available.  And at only $2 a load, it would be silly not to use it, don’t you think?

P8240022 Keeping me happy, doing the laundry

Our trip to Christchurch is to share in son Michael's 50th Birthday Bash.  And I’ve told him I want to say a few words after the dinner, to spill a few family secrets.  He looked a bit worried when he heard that!

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Nancy J said...

Oh Jenny, I am such a "Calm water and smooth sailing" kind of girl, and hate that rough crossing. I had a smile at your words.. Enjoy the birthday celebrations. Hugs, Jean