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Saturday, August 9, 2014

I’ve been busy

I’ve certainly had a busy week, out and about for lunch three days in a row.  It’s a hard life sometimes, but someone’s got to do it.  Also made a batch of jam, just because I like to.  What is more “kiwi” than kiwifruit jam?  I purchased two big bags of kiwifruit  for a bargain price so I knew it was time for jam making.  It bubbled away in the preserving pan and the recipe says to break the fruit up with a potato masher.

P8030017  Cooking up kiwifruit jam

With the sugar added, plus lemon juice, it cooked away for the required time and then I ladled it into the hot jam jars.  The kiwifruit loses some of the bright green colour while it cooks, but the jam is really delicious. That lot should keep us going for some time.

P8030020 Kiwifruit jam waiting for the labels

The mailman came calling with a couple of “real” letters for me this week, so that was exciting.  From two of my quilting pen friends, Glennis in UK and Carol who lives in South Dakota, USA.  I love getting real mail, and a couple of friendly newsy letters really made my week.

P8050031 Letters from my quilting buddies

So far this week I’ve done a little knitting, some mending, and started stitching a new gift.  Nothing worthy of a photo just yet though.  There’s always something to keep us busy, isn’t there?

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Carie said...

Wow Kiwi jam looks amazing - and still very very green, it sounds yummy!