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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Colourful kiddies quilt

My next door neighbour, Dorothy, is a quilter too. She had been working away on a colourful kiddies quilt using all kinds of novelty prints.  With the binding all stitched in place, she asked me over to have a look at her new quilt.   I helped Dorothy pin the quilt up onto the design board, stood back, and snapped a few photos.   Very nice indeed.  There were flowers, teddies,  cats and chickens, together with some nice New Zealand prints as well.  Lots of interesting things for a young child to  look at. 

P8090047 Going to a lucky little girl

The pieced back is constructed in hues of pretty blues and pinks.  I particularly liked the rainbow print used in the middle.  And as every quilter knows, the label on the back is most important too.

P8090049 Back of the quilt

Dorothy did a great job, and I’m sure the little girl concerned is going to love her quilt of many colours.

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