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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Colonial Goodies at Murrayfield Museum

All sorts of interesting colonial treasures were on display at the Murrayfield Settlers Museum. We were having lunch with friends at the adjacent cafe (read about our day here) and decided to check out the museum for an extra $5.  While the men were checking out the old tools, I was looking at different things.   Hidden amongst the general displays were lots to tempt someone like me with an interest in sewing and old textiles.  Such as a  gorgeous Crazy Patch quilt draped over an old bed – sadly I could not see any documentation to tell me who made it.  Loved the warming pan and the hand stitched nighty casually thrown on top of the quilt.


P8060028 Hand stitched crazy patch quilt

Vintage clothing hung from a rail and the baby’s cot was full of soft toys and little garments.


P8060024 I love to see these hand made treasures

There was quite a display in the Laundry Collection with several vintage washing machines on show. How lucky we are these days with our automatic washing machines.  Rubbing the clothes on glass boards like these every day would be very hard on dainty hands.

Doing the laundry the old way

And several old sewing machines for me to drool over, a couple of Singers of course, and this one, a Simplex Special.  Just love the decoration on those old sewing machines.

A lovely old sewing machine
  P8060026 Who started this, I wondered, and why was it never finished?

There were such a lot of treasures for me to look at and admire.   There were tools, royal memorabilia, old uniforms, school books and desks, even a couple of shops all decked out with their stock from yesteryear,  plenty for everyone no matter your particular interest.

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Leeanne said...

Oh thank you for sharing! This looks like a great place for a gal who loves vintage linens! Did you see Rosemary McCloulds vintage linen display? Well worth it if you come across it.