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Monday, August 11, 2014

A gift for Honey

There’s a new baby come to live in our village.  Our friends Dot and Derek are now the proud owners of a beautiful little seal point Birman kitten.  She really needed a welcoming baby gift, I thought. So I got busy stitching last week to make her something special.

Honey is going to be a “camping” type of pussy, (just like our Muffy), going away on holiday in a motor-home.  Now she has her own special  bag to put all her bits and pieces in when she goes away for the weekend.

P8100002 A gift for Honey

The pattern for this cute little bag was designed by Judith Tetley, and published in Handmade Magazine, Vol 26, No 7.  I’ve stitched a couple of them so far, including one for our own special cat too, of course.

P8110005 Dot and Honey

Honey looks rather like our elderly Muffy did at that age, full of fun and mischief and always on the go.  Just look at those lovely blue eyes.

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