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Sunday, August 31, 2014

August UFO Night

Friday night was Remnants night again, when good keen gals meet for an evening of eating, stitching and chatting.  Numbers were down a little, but that didn’t really matter, as we all enjoyed the evening together.  

There were two Mary’s attending, and one of them brought along a large crock pot full of the most delicious carrot and kumara soup for our Pot Luck meal.  I’m sure there were some secret herbs and spices in the recipe to make it taste so nice.  In fact, you can tell I was really impressed as I helped myself to two mugs of this yummy soup.  Being made from veggies, it’s just got to be good for you!  Mary is yet another club member working on the BOM called Chateaux Hexagon.  Each month the pattern and a fancy button is posted out, and the blocks are made from the maker’s choice of fabrics.  Mary was working on this lovely house block, and she showed me a whole swag of teeny tiny hexagons she has made which are a feature of this design.

P8290012 Mary’s house block

Our other Mary was in-between projects so was helping Kaye add some extra leaves to her bird appliqué block.  Mary loves doing intricate hand appliqué, so was very happy to help.  Those tiny little leaves look too small for me to tackle, I’m afraid.

P8290013 Mary was helping on Kaye’s lovely bird block

Meanwhile, Kaye was doing needle turn appliqué on her cat block.  This is from the recent Camilla Watson class which our club organised for interested members.  The choice of a leopard skin print is very clever, I feel.  Can you see the paw appearing?

P8290009 There’s a cat hiding in here somewhere

Debbie also attended the class, but decided to stitch her own design instead of using the patterns provided.  That's a very clever option, Debbie.  The fern is just starting to appear in this design.  I love the colour combination – Debbie is using a soft green leaf design batik over rust coloured fabric.
P8290010 Debbie’s fern appliqué

I was very interested in Debbie’s bag, and asked if I could take a photo of this too.  Seems it was made from a free pattern Debbie found on the Internet.  The green  ruched band on the bag is a nice feature.

Debbie’s nice new bag

As a change from hand stitching, Kathy brought her knitting along.  This pretty pink cardigan is going to go in her Granny Box, she told me, and is sure to fit one of her young grand-children sooner or later. Everyone was feeling shy and  I was under instruction not to take any photos showing who they were, hands and work only. 

P8290014 Kathy was busy knitting.

As for me, I traced out some leaves to appliqué on the quilt I’m slowly making for my daughter.  No hand appliqué for me, I’m a fuse down and whip around with machine button hole stitch sort of person, otherwise it would never get completed.  Then I traced out the pattern pieces for the head, hands and feet and antlers for my yo-yo Christmas reindeer.  Must get them stitched and stuffed soon.  And lastly, I finally finished the last bit of stitching on a secret squirrel project which will be going overseas, so I can only show a little corner of it.  (It’s taken me quite some time, I must admit).  Still needs to be assembled, but al least all the hand stitching is now done.

P8310016 What I’ve been working on

Our get-togethers are held in the Art Society rooms, and I spotted this little painting on display.  There’s certainly a message there for us all.


Another nice Remnants evening, full of nice food, and friendly companionship.  Thanks very much, ladies, it was a very pleasant evening.


Nancy J said...

What a great night for you all Jenny, I too like Debbie's bag, do you think if you asked, she might share the link for the free pattern? Another frost here, and really hot midday, a few days rest from firewood, Yippee!!! Hugs to you both, Jean.

NickiJ said...

You have some very talented quilters in your group. I bet you inspire each other lots! I especially loved the house and that bag, wonderful stuff!

Jenny said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies.