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Monday, March 10, 2014

I’ve got Mail!

We’ve finally returned home after tripping away in our caravan for a couple of weeks.  While we were away, we took advantage of the “Hold Mail” service provided by the Post Office.  For oldies like us, this service is free on production of our Gold Card.  And an important looking red bag containing our held mail was delivered today.  Amongst the boring bills, (Robin will take care of those)  were three overseas letters from my pen-friends, one each from USA, England and Germany, quilters all.  How exciting! 

P3100019 In the mail box today

So I sat down quietly with a drink, opened my mail, and savoured each one.  Nothing beats a real letter, does it!

I’ve been busy since we have returned home, and done two loads of washing, unpacked the caravan, cleaned the caravan fridge and bathroom, and lugged the vacuum cleaner out to vacuum the floors.  So it is all nice and tidy for our next trip away. 

Didn’t get a lot of stitching done while we were away, never mind.  But we caught up with a couple of rellies,  checked out a couple of quilt shops,  visited new places and travelled roads previously unexplored, and had a great time. 

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Nancy J said...

Jenny, so good to know you are safely home, and the mail arrived. Thanks for your lovely words, all OK here today so far, Cheers from Jean.