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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stitching and Food required for a weekend away

We are off and away for a weekend in the caravan tomorrow, so some packing needs to be done.  In went a bag containing my Maple Leaf quilt, with the binding all pinned neatly in place, matching thread, and my container of pins.  I’m hoping for a nice sunny day or two when I can sit outside, attend to my stitching, and chat away with our caravan buddies.  Ever hopeful, I’ve also packed some “secret squirrel” stitching for upcoming birthday gifts, maybe I’ll have time for some of that as well.  And mustn’t forget my library books, there’s nothing better than reading an exciting book in bed, is there?

The caravan club members have been asked to bring a contribution for a Pot Luck meal to share on Saturday night.  I’m making a Cottage Pie and have simmered the mince for this today.  I’ll take the topping with me and assemble it on the day.  Not sure if dessert is required, but just in case, I’ve whipped up some chocolate balls, yummy.  Must remember to pack a pretty dish to serve them in.

P3270030 Just made – chocolate balls

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