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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Holiday Stitching

My holiday stitching is coming along slowly.  Depending on plans for the day, sometimes I get a little stitching done, and sometimes I don’t.  It doesn’t really matter, I’m just pleased I have it here in the caravan to do when I have a spare hour or so.  I have several things packed away to do, a couple are nearly completed a a few more are all traced out ready and waiting.  Most of these are “secret squirrel” items for future gifts!

P3030022   A peek at what I’m stitching

There's a job for Robin coming up soon – I want him to hold these threads for me when I’ve cut the hank in half and then plait the strands together.  That’s a trick I was told a while ago, and it keeps the hanks of thread relatively tidy and knot free.

P3030023New threads waiting to be plaited.

We have just spent several days at the huge caravan and motor-home show at Mystery Creek Showgrounds in Hamilton.   Lots of brand new caravans and motor-homes on offer, we were certainly tempted but they are well out of our price range.  It’s nice to see what is available though, and the new innovations that the manufacturers come up with.

We’re travelling homewards slowly, stopping off here and there on the way.  Once I’m home, I’ll be hurrying around to see Barry and claim my overhauled and serviced sewing machine which I left in his care!

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Nancy J said...

Lovely shades in those threads, and I'm sure there was plenty of luxury to tempt anyone there at Hamilton. Maybe you just stuck to " Grandmother's Garden"!! Wet and cold here, the fire is lit, and this is only March... Cheers to you both, Jean & Hugh