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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Now I’m up to the binding stage of my Maple Leaf quilt, the end is in sight.  I didn’t have any of the exact green fabric left that I used in the quilt, but had some that was almost the same colour.  So that would do nicely.  After a quick measure up, I then made a whole lot of green binding.

P3200013 Lots of dark green binding

Usually I trim the extra batting and backing from the quilt before stitching the binding on, but I stitched first, then trimmed, this time.  What do others do?

P3200015 Sewing the binding on

I always have trouble stitching the last mitre to join the ends of the quilt binding together.  This is where you work out where to join the binding after adding in the measurement of the width of the binding, put pins in two places, draw a line, then stitch.  Does anyone know what I mean?  I often get my diagonal seam running the wrong way, so have to rip the stitches out and try again.  Can anyone point me in the direction of a fool proof tutorial please?  Sometimes I get it right first time, but more often than not it is wrong!

With the binding finally stitched on, (with a couple of tries to get that last bit to fit), it is all pinned down in place ready for the final hand stitching.  I’m a great pinner, and liked to have it all pinned ready to go.  We are going away in the caravan to Himitangi over the weekend, so will take it with me and stitch it down then.  That’s the plan, anyway.


Morven said...

Hi Jenny - long time no see! I stumbled across your lovely blog today while looking for something else.

I always have to have two or three goes joining my binding too - not sure what the secret is.

http://foodartandrandomthoughts.blogspot.co.nz/ (sadly neglected)

KiwiRobbie said...

Hi Jenny,
I could never figure out how to end off my binding either, and then I found this link.


Hope it helps!


Leeann said...


Watch this great tutorial on You Tube, makes it easy.
If for some reason you can't find it with that link you this one to a post I did with it in.


Jenny said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and the U Tube link, which I have now watched. IT was very helpful, but will I remember next time? I will no doubt have to watch it carefully each time!

Seems that I have not been leaving the ends long enough for a start.

Thanks again for your helpful advice.

Katie said...

I trim and square up my quilt before sewing on the binding. I have a tool called the Fons & Porter Binding Tool that helps me get the ends the right length. I know you can do it without but I like my crutch. :-)



Wendy said...

Hi Jenny,
I shouted myself a "Bound to Fit" binding tool from Westalee Rulers. It worked a treat! Well worth the $15(There is a video tutorial on their website.) Cheers
PS your finished quilt looks lovely - good to get it finished at last.

SueBK said...

Jenny, many years ago someone put me onto joining the two ends of my binding on the diagonal. I love it - so tidy BUT, like you, I always end up pinning it a couple of times. I use teeny-tiny beading pins (for sticking sequins to things). I use one on either side of the 'fold', so the binding will curl up and sit how it's supposed to. Saves me from stitching it a half dozen times. There's probably only two ways to sew the ends together, but I guarantee I'd stitch it the same (wrong) way several times.