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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Washing and Ironing new Fabric

There’s something about washing and ironing new fabric, isn’t there?  I purchased this lot while on our recent holiday when I visited a couple of quilt shops.  The batiks came from Wright’s Fabrics in Morrinsville, some of the prints came from Grandmother’s Garden in Gordonton, and I picked up a couple of pieces in Katikati. 

The fabrics will be going in a new quilt for my daughter, Nicky.  She asked for a pink and grey/green quilt, with a cream calico background.  Nicky particularly likes small patterns, she told me, so that’s what I’ve been looking for.  I’ll need to get more fabric, of course, but with this lot I’ll be able to start cutting strips and get sewing.  I’m sure I have some extra soft pinks tucked away that I can use, she doesn't like lolly pink.   We tossed a couple of ideas around, and came up with a plan – so this will be my new project of the year.  Of course, all those UFOs still hanging about, I’ll probably start work on the new quilt, and then alternate it with an older one, depending on what I feel like doing at the time.   Variety is the spice of life.

P3110002 New fabrics for a new quilt

I collected my sewing machine from Barry the Technician yesterday and mentioned that I was having trouble with my free motion stitching.  So when I called around, he sat me down and ran through a few points with me.  One particular point I had completely forgotten about, so no wonder I was having trouble.  MY 6 year old Bernina has done 3,297, 032 stitches, he told me!  Guess there is a counter on the machine that I didn’t know existed.

I was planning on doing some more quilting on my Maple Leaf quilt, but haven’t the heart to disturb Muffy who has just recently taken to sleeping on the chair by my sewing table.  Now she is getting on in years, she gets agitated and unsettled quite easily, so I would rather leave her sleeping peacefully while she can.

P3120005 Leaving the sleeping cat lie

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