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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sew Wot Tuesday Morning

It was my turn to be the hostess for yesterday’s Sew Wot get-together, so I spent Monday afternoon with my head in the oven.  After all, I had to cook some home baked goodies for morning tea, didn’t I!  The rain came down and the guests shed their damp rain jackets as they arrived.  There was a major birthday coming up, and Rae didn’t know if she was coming or going as she was presented with cards, small gifts, and a lovely pot of chrysanthemums.

P3180002 Happy Birthday Rae

Heather had been busy sewing at home and had several bags to show us.  One in particular took my fancy, and Heather used an existing low cost shop bag as the base, then turned it into a thing of beauty.  Such a pretty garden scene viewed through a wrought iron gate. 

P3180006 A plain shopping bag made pretty

Rae had something to show us too, which certainly raised a few giggles as she lay it on the carpet.  This play rug had been made for a new grand-child.  And after I wondered just what it was, we were told it was a dog, anyone can see that!  I can just imagine a little one crawling all over the rug, hugging that big doggy head, and chewing on it’s ears.

P3180003 Doggy play rug

Once morning tea was underway, I whipped back into the kitchen to stick some candles into the cream sponge, (thanks to Moira for bringing this)  and carried it out to the unsuspecting Rae.  Then we all sung Happy Birthday while she valiantly tried to blow the candles out.

P3180004Heather and Rae with the blazing candles waiting to be blown out

Throughout all this excitement, Muffy was quite happy perched on top of the couch above Pam and Mary, keeping an eye on things.  She settled down and snoozed off after a while

P3180005 Muffy with Pam and Mary

It was a lovely get-together, catching up with the Sew Wot ladies and seeing what they had been working on.  Everyone was busy chatting so I don’t think much stitching got done.

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Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Oh isn't it just so nice to have an in house group?
We're busy beavering away making blocks for a Sweet pea's something 0 birthday.