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Friday, March 7, 2014

Colonial Times at Coach House Museum

We’re still slowly travelling homewards in our caravan, and overnighted outside The Coach House Museum at Feilding, in the company of other assorted caravans, a couple of large buses, and a 5th wheeler.  Of course, we just had to visit the museum too, as I’m always interested in checking out the lovely old clothes from earlier times.  Living arrangements for the early settlers was tough, with everything from laundry to butter making done by hand.

P3060041 Life in colonial times

I was intrigued to see this cart decked out as a travelling showroom.  The farmer’s wives in rural areas would have loved to see this salesman approaching with his wares.  He carried fabric, threads, all sorts of necessary items.

P3060038Travelling sales cart

As time went by some lucky people starting making their fortunes, and they could afford to buy a shiny Model T, in any colour as long as they wanted black, so the story goes.  Plus a fancy dress and hat to wear when going for a spin in the new car.

P3060057Henry Ford’s Model T

The museum has plenty of interesting exhibitions.  In fact, I’ll be returning here next week when the Feilding Kowhai Patchwork Quilters are holding their quilt show in these premises.

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