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Friday, February 28, 2014

Muffy’s Back

Here we are in sunny Hamilton, enjoying the giant Camper Care Show at Mystery Creek.  But prior to arriving here, we returned our caravan to the factory where it was made to get some work done.  What to do with Muffy while our caravan was off the road?  She has been staying in a local cattery, and we collected her yesterday.  Now she is a travelling caravan cat, it’s been some time since she was last put into a cattery.  She coped quite well, we were told, but now she is aged 18, we do tend to worry about her.

We collected her yesterday, and brought her back to the caravan.  After she had soundly told us off for abandoning her, as cats do, she settled down for a cuddle and reassurance, followed by a hearty meal.  Then she stretched out on the couch for a nap.  So everything is fine in her world again.

P2270037 Fast asleep after her cattery adventure

Now Muffy is getting older she is not very keen to leave the security of the caravan and come outside into the big wide world.  But we like her to get a bit of fresh air, and our fellow caravanners are always happy to give her some extra attention.  Peter decided that Muffy might like to explore the outside locker on his caravan and opened it just so she could jump inside and see what was what.  Then he got right down to her level to whisper in her ear and tell her what a good girl she was.  Not sure who was enjoying this little tete-a-tete the most, Muffy or Peter?

P2280065Peter talking to Muffy

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Nancy J said...

I wonder what her thoughts were, and yours!! as you left her there, and better still, came back to bring her home. I'm sure she is very happy there in her mobile home, and what were those " sweet nothings" whispered? She is much loved by all. Cheers, Jean.