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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grandmother’s Garden Quilt Shop

What would a visit to Hamilton be without a side trip to Gordonton to check out Grandmother’s Garden quilt shop?   What a busy place it was.  The big red van was parked outside the doors and staff members were busy loading up crates of fabrics for an upcoming trip down to the South Island.

P2240039 Loading up the van outside the shop

Shop owner Hazel gave her permission for me to take some photos of all the goodies inside, and I got to meet her later.  I wandered around the shop looking at the vast range of fabrics, kits and patterns.  The staff were very attentive when needed and happy to help and guide me to the correct place while I was looking for a particular item.

 P2240030 Views inside the shop

There were lovely shop sample quilts hanging up too, including a lovely appliqué quilt festooned with ribbons from a recent show.


P2240024 Quilts on display in the shop

With my choices finally made, it was Hazel herself who served me, and it was great to meet her in person after enjoying the newsletters she sends out regularly.  I particularly enjoyed her recipes which she adds to the newsletter, I told her.  Big Mack, Hazel’s dog, was quite at home in the shop, saying hello to the customers, and I gave him some attention.  Then Hazel asked if I would like to meet her puppy, and brought him down to the shop.  What a bundle of energy he was, still at the very playful stage, including nibbling on my shoelaces!

P2240031 Hazel and her dogs

P2240036Nibbling on my shoes

I had a wonderful time looking around the shop, and admiring the quilts hung all around.  Well worth a visit if you are passing by – I was made very welcome.


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Nancy J said...

Definitely the place to go to, a quilter's dream come true. Love that owl hanging, and how are your shoes today? I'm using one of my microwave bowl holders, and it's so good, Easy to pick up, for any size, no messing with pot holders too big to fit in. Enjoy your travels, fond hello to Robin too, Jean.