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Monday, February 17, 2014

Off to Hospital

No, not me, thank goodness, but my hard working Bernina 440.  You know what we quilters are like – we can’t bear to be parted from our sewing machines while they get serviced.  The trick, I’ve discovered, is to book the machine in just before you go off on holiday for a couple of weeks.  So that’s what I’ve done.  The Bernina has been packed up safely in it’s own little bag, and dropped off at Barry’s place.

P2130001 On the way to sewing machine hospital

Barry was recommended by members of my “Sew Wot” stitching group, so that was good enough for me.  I expected him to be an elderly  retired gentleman, perhaps an engineer in a former life, who repairs the occasional sewing machine.  Barry is not elderly at all, nicely middle aged and quite jovial.  He services machines dropped off at the two local quilt shops, as well as “private customers”, like me.  So he is kept very busy indeed, and obviously has a good name.  I’m sure my machine is safe in his hands, and I look forward to collecting it after our couple of weeks away.

There is a big hole in the cabinet where the sewing machine used to be.  But I’ve got a couple of projects all ready and waiting.  The maple leaf quilt which I’ve been working on is all folded up, just waiting for the next lot of machine quilting.  And I’ve pinned up my current selvedge project, all ready to stitch when we return home.

P2170004 Ready and waiting for after our holiday

I’m all prepared for holiday stitching in the caravan too, and traced off a couple of patterns from the lovely Rag Tag Stitching books I recently purchased.  That should keep me busy if we get the occasional wet afternoon while we are away in the caravan. 



loulee said...

Happy travels.

Nancy J said...

Jenny, that wording gave me shivers!!! So glad it is the machine, and you have some hand stitching to keep hands busy. See you on Wednesday. Cheers, Jean.