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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Morning with the Sew Wots

These little get-togethers are meant to be stitching mornings, but you know what happens when a group of quilters meet.  That’s right, there’s a whole lot of talking going on and not too much stitching.  But never mind, we obviously had a lot we wanted to say.  Including Pam, who had seen a bright idea on constructing notebook covers.  With the next Quilt Symposium being held in January 2015, the five local clubs have been asked to help make a zillion notebook covers for the goodie bags.  Pam showed us a simpler way to make them that didn’t require any hand stitching.

Our Hostess Heather had been busy and made a whole lot of pretty tags, asking us all to choose one.  When it was my turn I procrastinated as usual, deciding between this one or that one, or maybe one of those others.  Making decisions is not my strong point.  The piece of plain fabric stitched on the top is to write our own inspirational saying on.  What shall I write?  How about – take time to smell the flowers, or maybe, I love quilting?

P2180011My pretty tag made by Heather

There wasn’t a whole lot of show and tell this time.  Heather showed us on of her hexagon quilts, split hexagons, I think she called it.  I really admire the ladies who work with hexies, as they are all stitched together by hand, much too time consuming for me.  She didn’t want her photo taken and was hiding behind her quilt.

P2180006 Heather’s hexagon quilt

Rae didn’t run from the camera as she held up the pinwheel quilt she was making for her grand-daughter.  These are pinwheels with a difference, as the triangles are stitched into the seam lines, leaving the points free.  Just right for little fingers to play with.

P2180012Rae with her pinwheel quilt

I got right down on the carpet to snap a photo of this handsome fellow, Heather’s crazy patch elephant, which is embroidered and beaded.  So cute! 

P2180014  Hello, Ellie

After a yummy morning tea, and a little hand stitching, we said our goodbyes.  Our hostess kindly handed out some fresh picked green beans and zucchini from her garden to anyone who wanted some.  Thanks, Heather, I really appreciate the fresh veggies.

I’m really pleased that I could attend today, as we are going away in the caravan tomorrow for the next couple of weeks and I will miss the next fortnightly get-together.  Luckily I talked Robin into leaving a day later than originally planned, so that I could meet up with the Sew Wot ladies today.

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Nancy J said...

Lovely tag, and with Symposium so close, very easy to be there. The elephant is superb, he deserves a special place to be seen at all times. Cheers, Jean