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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Unpicking and a little Stitching

It may well be the middle of winter in my part of Paradise, but it was warm enough today that I could sit outside in the sunshine.  This winter has been very mild indeed -  I really marvel that I can be seated outside at this time of year!  There I was, sitting at the picnic table, doing that least favoured job – unpicking.  On reflection, I seem to have done a fair bit of unpicking lately.  It’s all been because I haven’t been happy with my machine quilting efforts lately.  But the last bit has finally gone, and I can remind myself to “try harder” at the next attempt.

DSCF6207 Unpicking!!

Next job was to be a “builder’s mate” and lend a hand where required while Robin cut, sawed, nailed and screwed timber together.  After all that bending over, measuring, and banging about, he really needed that nice cold glass of beer to perk himself up again.  And a few crackers and cheese.  What’s he making?  All will be revealed when it is completed.

Then late in the afternoon I finally got to sit down at they sewing machine.  But not for too long, as it was almost time to get the evening meal organised.  But I did have time to shorten the legs on a new pair of jeans for Robin, then do a little stitching on my new table runner.  Hopefully I’ll spend more time in my sewing room tomorrow.


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Oh dear. I always say that when I started machine quilting I spent more time unpicking than I did stitching! I'm sure it will look amazing in the end


Jenny said...

I'm not sure about amazing, but I'll settle for adequate